The Duke Peterson and Randy Davis Memorial Scholarship Program


The Duke Peterson Memorial Fund

Established in 2002, this fund was created in memory of the coach and friend that Duke Peterson was, and still is, to so many on the Squaw Valley Freestyle & Freeride Team. Duke spent a great portion of his life as both a competitor and coach on this team, and was the Team Director when he passed away in 2001.

8 scholarships from the Duke Peterson Memorial Fund are given annually to members of the Squaw Valley Freestyle & Freeride Team, with the intention to provide these athletes with the opportunity to work as hard and passionately at freestyle skiing as Duke so often did himself.

The Duke Peterson Award is given to one of these scholarship athletes for having the most positive energy and being the best role model possible for the team, exemplifying a good attitude and attendance to all practices and competitions.

…we remember you Duke, and on the good days out there on the hill, we ski with you in our hearts… More about Duke

2017-2018 Duke Peterson Award Winner: Marea Adams



CLICK HERE – To apply for the Squaw Valley Freestyle Team  2017-2018 Scholarship!

There are going to be up to 8 scholarships awarded this season.  Scholarship winners will be determined by a panel of representatives from SquawFree and Squaw Valley.  Each scholarship winner will receive a full Squaw Valley Freestyle/Freeride/Freeskiing Team membership and a Gold Season Pass at Squaw Valley.

Please Note: Award recipients will be required to pay entrance fees for any and all competition events in which they choose to compete. Award recipients will also be required to pay for all of their own travel costs according to team guidelines if they choose to participate in any team events that require travel. In addition the athlete and/or their family is responsible for up to 20 hours of volunteer service to the team and applicable volunteer and locker fees. 


Marea Adams (2017 Duke Peterson Scholarship Winner)
Zack Poulin
Coby Melrose
Tyo Lerrue
Sean Donohue
Elena Silvern
Cody Nern
Wilder Sherwood

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